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Training exercise 2:

This exercise is about chords. By switching between chords, you can practice finger accuracy and speed. The fingers should be pressed firmly against the string.

If we look at the basic chords from page 3 of the chords section, we can use some of those to switch between.

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For exercise 2a, go ahead and play the C chord. When it sounds right to you, remove your fingers and put them back again. Repeat this 10 times. Now, go ahead and play the Am chord. When it sounds right to you, remove your fingers and put them back again. repeat this 10 times. As you may have noticed, these two chords share the same positions for your fingers 1 and 2 and the same open E string. Play the C chord and keep the fingers 1 and 2 in place while move your 3rd finger to make the Am chord. When it sounds good, move it back to a C chord. By practicing switching between these two chords, you will get more comfortable with the chord changes.


For exercise 2b, place the fingers as shown for the Am chord. Now change to the E chord. As you can see, all the fingers stays the same relative to each other, but they are simply moved one string. By practicing locking the fingers in this pattern, you can change between E and Am very quickly.


For exercise 2c, let's play the intro to the U2 song Desire. Each chord is played once and with quick switches:   D  A  E  ,  A  E    (repeat).





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