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Tips & Tricks

Use your little finger.

If you have ever paid attension to rock guitarists when they play a solo, you will often notice that their little finger on the "fret-hand" is idle. I have to admit that I did that too for many years, but after I took some private lessons in classical guitar, I began to use my little finger, and once I got used to it (it wasn't easy in the beginning - breaking my old habit), I found that it got easier to play, as I didn't have to move my hand and fingers as much. I would suggest using my first training exercise where you'll be using all four fingers.

Don't move your arm unless you have to.

When you play the strings with your "picking-hand", try to move only the hand and the fingers. If you move the arm up and down to strike the string(s), you will wear yourself out before you know it. A trick to help you with this, is to let the base of your hand rest on the body of the guitar. That will keep your arm from moving, but allowing your wrist and fingers to play.



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