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This is me playing. Please do not take for granted that it is played 100% like the original version.

Arabian Metal Ole Drews Jensen 2 tracks with prog. drums recorded in 2012.
Black Magic Woman Fleetwood Mac Short intro recorded at the end of 2008.
Comfortable Numb Pink Floyd 2 tracks with prog. drums recorded in 2005.
Don't Believe a Word Thin Lizzy / Gary Moore 4 tracks with prog. drums recorded in 2010
Funk (title unknown) unknown 2 tracks (bass + guitar) recorded in 2009.
Hello World Ole Drews Jensen I wrote this in the early 80's and recorded the 3 tracks with prog. drums in 2008.
Is there anybody out there Pink Floyd Recorded in 1999. Tempo is too fast as I had a 1 minute recording limit.
Little Wing Jimi Hendrix Still trying!!! 2 tracks recorded in 2008.
Minstrel Hall Ritchie Blackmore Recorded in 2005.
Paranoid Black Sabbath 2 tracks with prog. drums recorded in 2005.
Red House Jimi Hendrix 2 tracks recorded in 2012.
Spanish Flowers Ole Drews Jensen & JP Hansen 4 tracks recorded in 1996 with my friend JP. I play 3 tracks and he play 1.
Tears in the Rain Joe Satriani Recorded in 2005.   TABS
Tubelar Bells Mike Oldfield 4 tracks (bass, rhythm, 2 x solo) with prog. drums recorded in 2005.
Vals No. 1 Bartolome Calatuyud Recorded in 2008.   TABS
67 Seas in Your Eyes (riff) Dizzy Mizz Lizzy Short riff recorded New Years Day  2009. One of the best Danish bands ever!!!



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