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Welcome to lots of free information for both new and experienced guitar players.

You will find useful information about guitar tabs, guitar chords, information about electric guitar and acoustic guitar. You will find free guitar tabs and free guitar lessons, along with in-dept explanation on how to install your guitar strings, tune your guitar strings, and how to practice playing guitar tabs, guitar chords and much more. To help you learn guitar techniques, there are be audio tracks matching the guitar exercises, some of which are played on my Fender guitars, some played on my Gibson Les Paul guitar, some which are played on my C.F. Martin guitar, and some which are played on my Alhambra guitar. Whether you like to play chords or guitar solo, no matter if you prefer classical guitar playing, rock or blues, there will be something for you. The site is new, so if you don't find what you're looking for right away, please check back tomorrow or next week. This is an ongoing project.

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